IMG Metal Manufacturing PLC began in Ethiopia with a vision to support the Ethiopian construction boom being experienced by this nation of 100 million people.  IMG's founders felt that designing and manufacturing quality home-grown products would well serve the nation.  Ethiopia's expanding construction infrastructure needs within the nation would be IMG's primary market, but a capability to export Ethiopian manufactured goods to other nation also seemed to be within reach.  

Production of modular KwikState scaffolding started in June 2015.  From humble beginnings, IMG's offices and factory have expanded to the town of Dukem, in Oromiya region, in the industrial corridor 35 km south of the national capital Addis Ababa.  From that location, we supply many Ethiopian construction companies with our quality products.  We have also successfully exported orders to international customers.

To achieve such success, IMG has developed its own set of tools to produce the fully-integrated components that together comprise the Kwikstage 3 mm modular scaffolding system.  Nearly all IMG products are produced locally in our factory.  Mig CO2 gas welding wire technology is utilized, instead of inferior electrode welding.  Employees continually improve their skills through hands-on interaction with professional trainers.  The sophisticated IMG team has the flexibility to offer both manufacture custom products as well as to supply standard sizes from stock.

The IMG sales team, production team, and office administrative staff are all trained and experienced. Our goal is to provide the best service in the industry.  Our customers benefit from our Pre-sales, Sales and Post-sales teamwork.

IMG manufactures its products to international scaffolding standards.  Respect for standards is an ingrained matter of principle, not to be taken lightly.  Safe scaffolding is a pledge we make to the construction workers in Ethiopia, especially as their projects become bigger, taller, and architecturally pleasing.

IMG attends construction trade trade conventions, conferences, and exhibitions held regularly in Ethiopia.  It is well connected to the construction industry.

IMG continually develops additional products to keep up with the Ethiopian construction boom. Customers are encouraged to share their requests with IMG in order to come up with a solution for their specific requests.  Together, we are are building our nation.

IMG Metal Manufacturing is a TodayTomorrow Ventures company. 

Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.
— James Dyson